3 Nov 2018

Volcanoes Today, 3 Nov 2018: Dukono


Just the one so there will be a lot of magma pouring out. I think I got this one wrong but I may be having a rethink forced on me because the Moluccas are in the Indonesian sector. Surrounded by anticyclones in a triangle not the line out I have been insisting.

So there you go!

Hang on:

Now you know I am not god.


I wasn’t expecting to get anything out of this, I just opened a pluck of results for:

“Assessment of Navier-Stokes’ equations” so I could get rich quick without working for it. I think this one was in the second one I opened:

The algebraic approach considered is block preconditioned based on Lagrangian approach developed for velocity-pressure saddle point systems, extended for the dual-coupled saddle points systems resulting from a finite element discretization of blah blah blah.

I don’t suppose Lagrange only worked on gravity points but its all I know of him. And that Saddles are the inversion or evolutes of “Cols”. The sort of meteorologic pattern that forms out of the air when a volcano is going critical.

By Ag2gaeh – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=66636775


Note that the standard forecast only allows for a cyclones to exist at each of the points composing the trough, it is after all, describing Low Pressure. But it is in fact ex-anticyclonic air that was mixed with cyclonic air, that has been transported at great expense over hundred of miles of atmosphere. Now it has had time to come out of solution and build (the opposite of fall.) Pressure is said to fall or build depending on which side of the sea level 1016 millibar dividing line it reacts to.

Imagine the red lines outside if the ellipse extending to infinity or at some 80 to 90 degrees of curvature. This might explain in some way, rotation and contra rotation. Whatever the case it would be an idea to chase the dream to see if it is where volcanoes live.

Meanwhile back on planet earth, I still think the biggest whump for this spell is along the inner Aleutians.

The resonance of the development of the saddle or dual cyclone/anticyclone reverberates with a relatively linear noise (homogeneity) until separation occurs but when the two air masses come apart the different densities provide a hole (channel) for noise to escape.
When the system approaches a continental shelf all the resonant properties change dramatically.

IOW: The noises change as the storm develops, completely, by the time the air masses separate. Would this not give us a chance to search for the “Chouet” Frequencies”?

Volcanoes Today, 4 Nov 2018: Sangay volcano

Meanwhile back on planet earth, I still think the biggest whump for this spell is along the inner Aleutians.

Or not, as the case may be:

Volcanoes Today, 3 Nov 2018: Dukono

Volcanoes Today, 4 Nov 2018: Sangay volcano

Volcanic activity worldwide 2 Nov 2018: Fuego volcano, Dukono, Reventador, Sangay, Sakurajima, Saban…

It is a rule of thumb that the largest eruptions occur with solo events. (All the energy being concentrated on it. If this is so, why is it so?)
Whatever the answer, the interesting thing is what is causing these eruptions. Obviously the weather is only reacting to them. Air would simply absorb the temperature gradient as a pressure gradient. Either that or simply absorb the pressure gradient as a temperature gradient.
Air is the perfect foil forGeo-physics. Presumably this is so on other planets whatever constiutes “air”?

Rather than causing the eruption, air is the ideal vice for disbursing it. It has to be; Jehovah designed the perfect energy budget and I find it hard to believe that anyone can put their finger on his scales and get away with it. The above examples of what is happening at the time of writing show a great deal of volcanic activity, so why is it concentrated in one small area.

Mountains may seem large to us but from a small distance they seem to be a perfectly smooth skin.


When I used to follow this site for the earthquakes, I got the impression that you could guess the longitude from the declines of the lows and how far around the globe they run. Because it was time consuming it got boring and the development led to volcanic eruptions -which I did not understand. I suppose it is time I started looking at these things. Anyone like to help?

You need the full run to function with a reasonable forecast (which I am not prepared to do) but already you can see some elongation. The source:


…leads to obvious conclusions, one of which, I am pleased to see, confirms my opinion of the Quakes of the Southern Ocean:

5.2M. Drake Passage 31 October 2018@ 12:36

The rip-roaring continues:

To here:


Remind you of anything?


Looks like all change on the…

This is interesting for the Foen effect:

Not that I believe it is any such thing. All I am wondering is how will they go after whoever is doing it and how long will they wait for the parade?

31 October 16:40 Last Quarter 20:05 Perigee
7 November 16:02 New Moon

Volcanic 6 Nov 2018 Krakatau Dukono Reventador Turrialba Veniaminof.

Another piece of the puzzle fits the picture: 5 November. Tornado and wind reports

18 Nov 05 Reports

I keep hoping the American will learn to tell the date and we can work on their time after this election I hope.

What are the Canadians hiding from President Trump on his busiest day this year?

We have seen that recently contra-rotation and all. Come to think of it, the Indian Ocean is sensitive to this sort of thing. Buit this is old news. We discussed it all yesterday:

Was it so clearly turning into Discworld then?

Well, you know what that means by now. End of discussion!

Or is it:

I just have time to show you the Hawaiian version of contra-rotation:

Cyan generally indicates periods of slipstreaming, which is an aeronautical term for wind flow passing an immovable objst. If it appears in free air. the cause will be a fluid jump state. That is a chnge in the system cause by “vapour lock.”

When it happens with aircraft all the water surrounding the block condenses. It is swiftly taken up again but it is a remarkable phenomena, that is hard to miss. When it happens with vortices, it is only missed by the blind the stupid and the ignorant.


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