Entropy or duality?

All the days of the earth, planting and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, night and day, shall not cease.

19 October 2014.IDY20001.mslp-precip.to 96

I was setting up an animation of the situation in the southern ocean earlier today when it occurred to me that these systems never blow themselves out.

The pattern repeats to infinity without any reason for doing so.

Consider a small part of the situation as the influx of precipitate from Rio de la Plata. The range of precipitate on the BoM chart’s scale goes from:
0.2; 1; 2; 5; 10; 20; 50; 100; 150; 200.
All denoted by colour.

And there is no black.

What that means is that the procession from calm to storm -to the next step in the mechanics of the fluid being studied, is denoted by exactly the same processes as is displayed on all weather charts that display isobars.

I’d been using the wrong format to create the animation and the scale was lighting up through blue to pink (200 mm of precipitate in 6 hours for several hours.) And it woke me up.

And got me thinking.

If all the world’s isobars indicate a change of state, then all the world’s energy was fluctuating in harmony. So what the ¬†was happening to its entropy?

19 October 2014.IDY20001 to 96

That electricity and magnetism can be converted on to the other as a dual is well known. And the degree of state of change or entropy (if I have understood the term correctly) is a ratio of how much work or energy is supplied to the system by movement. A magnet does not decide to exert itself on an electric current and neither does an electric current interfere with a stationary magnet.

(To within obvious parameters.)

That a storm evolves into an earthquake is a matter of acoustics. And taking the step one further there has to be a chemical step to convert a mixture of metal ores , carbon and sulphur with water under pressure to convert the kinetic and/or acoustic input into a volcanic eruption.

Failure to make the conversion generally results in a different type of storm series with the conversion delayed to some extent. In most cases this appears to be tornadoes. Sometimes though things can take a considerable time. I am not sure how the explanation stretches to cover such a schema.

Large or super-earthquakes and tidalwaves

We don’t get super-quakes when there are tropical storms extant, so it is with some trepidation that I post the next forecast:

19 September 2014.IDY20001.mslp-precip.006These charts are the copyright of Australian’s Bureau of Meteorology. I have not asked for permission to use them but have used them anyway for their educational value.

You are allowed to reproduce their intellectual property so long as you pay them respect. Their website is:


19 September 2014.IDY20001.mslp-precip.012The large low in the top centre of the following chart is approaching Australia. In the centre of the chart, Antarctica is surrounded by cyclones.

19 September 2014.IDY20001.mslp-precip.018These are made up of warm air currents that have left the southwestern shores of the surrounding continents South America, Africa and Australia.

The way they shape the isobars surrounding Antarctica indicates the development of tropical storms. So far they indicate a lack of such storms.

19 September 2014.IDY20001.mslp-precip.024However a pointed build up called troughing as in the case of the one to the left of Australia is a prelude to such a disposition of isobars.

But not yet.

19 September 2014.IDY20001.mslp-precip.030And in the lack of such storm lies the possibility of large earthquakes.

19 September 2014.IDY20001.mslp-precip.036Large earthquakes show a signal that is in these charts masked by the presence of the signal for volcanic activity. But volcanic activity falls off with the absence of tropical disturbances.

19 September 2014.IDY20001.mslp-precip.042Yet there is another signal that is not masked, the driving of rain from low latitudes to high ones. Such is the case with the green track in the middle of that system along the longitude 100 degrees East.

19 September 2014.IDY20001.mslp-precip.048It drops straight in on a rhumb line to a cyclone on the shore of Antarctica at 120 degrees East.19 September 2014.IDY20001.mslp-precip.054But it is also a signal for volcanic activity in the way it continues to develop and then to move off.

19 September 2014.IDY20001.mslp-precip.060Meanwhile another deep system forms approaching 100 east. This one directs the signal for tropical storms.

19 September 2014.IDY20001.mslp-precip.066When the isobars surrounding Antarctica smooth out parallel to the coast a period of tropical storms also develops at the same time.19 September 2014.IDY20001.mslp-precip.072Generally the first storms in a region are weak and short lived as is the signal.

19 September 2014.IDY20001.mslp-precip.078However the development of the adjacent Lows darkening together and the more easterly one breaking up to send a small out-runner quickly over the dateline, indicates volcanic activity.

19 September 2014.IDY20001.mslp-precip.084But I rather thing the disposal of that black disc will be with a severe jolt as the hiatus in tropical storms occurs.

19 September 2014.IDY20001.mslp-precip.090Being also a signal for volcanoes it bounces off out to thew system forming at160 degrees West.

19 September 2014.IDY20001.mslp-precip.096As the isobars outside the confluence stretch to form a straight line. The beginning of a series of tropical storms.

19 September 2014.IDY20001.mslp-precip.102A classical signal for them, in fact:

19 September 2014.IDY20001.mslp-precip.108

I rather believe that one or two cyclonic composites actually run back “the wrong way” along the coast of Antarctica as all the above takes place.

19 September 2014.IDY20001.mslp-precip.114(A much stronger signal of that sort is to be found in the sea pressure models at higher latitudes in the Northern Hemisphere)

An elogated system with a multiple centre with several lows in a straight line is a classic signal for some serious eruptions:

19 September 2014.IDY20001.mslp-precip.120And of course the aftershocks during such phenomena are quickly curtailed.

Whilst the first tropical storms are not high energy ones, they tend to reform perhaps with new names and come back a lot stronger.

19 September 2014.IDY20001.mslp-precip.126But by the 24th of September the old lunar spell has ended and the next one (one generally rich in volcanic activity) takes place.

19 September 2014.IDY20001.mslp-precip.132The signal for tropical storms extends by now to cover from 80 East to 120 west.

19 September 2014.IDY20001.mslp-precip.138And the deposition of water over the coastline blackens the Antarctic at 100 to 80 degrees West.

That is something to do with the extra-tropical nature of tropical storms now past.

19 September 2014.IDY20001.mslp-precip.144But more storms are occurring and/or growing:

19 September 2014.IDY20001.mslp-precip.150But it is ate in the spell.

19 September 2014.IDY20001.mslp-precip.156More stuff is in the works as signalled by that system off Australia “pointing” once again.

19 September 2014.IDY20001.mslp-precip.162Courteous enquirers are often dealt with considerately, so don’t be afraid to ask. All I ask is that you don’t be cheeky.


Hold off on the jokes too until I get to know you. I can be a nasty dog if I think you are being uncivil. I don’t want to be but I am a very shallow buffoon, so go easy.

Some 2013 Charts

I bought a laptop several years ago. It had Windows Vista on it but that wasn’t too bad. I could easily get rid of that and put an operating system on it. A lot has happened since then. I started with¬† a Ubuntu version called Zorin and that was good. But I had the same problem with the computer that it had with Vista. It turned out to be a defective charger -which eventually gave up the ghost and a succession of shops failed to get it going.

Monday 1 September 2014 brought good news and a multi voltage charger that went past 11; all the way past 18 in fact. I thought I still had Zorin on it but it turns out I had put a partition with Windows 7 on (It won’t open) and a newer OS from Ubuntu their Kubuntu Maverick. I like KDE for the office suite it offers and some sites won’t let you post print screens. Changing them to another graphic format with Linux is a piece of cake.And of course like all full Linux distos, it finds the internet without brain surgery.

I spent hours yesterday helping a complete newbie with his computer. A Windows laptop that wouldn’t let him get online. It worked fine on the wireless connection at the public library but on his own service…. not.

I’d given him an old computer to use online with Linux UE which although ten times slower than his laptop, it was on the internet straight away -by virtue of me *switching it on* While it was connected to his router. It was nice to see his face when he realised I was in.

“How did you do that?”

“This is Linux, Roy. It doesn’t piss about.”

But it isn’t Windows, so he is not happy with it. Also he did something in his struggles to post e-mail, that got rid of Firefox. I have no idea what but we lost his links to his web page with his bookmarks. So that looks like he is finished with Linux.

Pity Windows has finished with him.

The good news is that my old laptop with 2 GB of RAM is running as fast as my new one that has 8GB of RAM and Windows 7 on it. Just goes to show you how abominable Microsoft’s products are. But the better news is that Kubuntu can see the folder that holds the weather charts I had collected on whichever partition won’t open. So when I have the time, I will be able to extract them and organise them for use on here.

The <spit>Smithsonian</spit>, the world’s repository for volcano archives, has a list (available to Microsoft users.) (That is why Windows 7 will remain on my Laptop for a while.) Their archive doesn’t have anything in the list from 2014 -the only year I have appropriate charts for. There may be some on the older laptop that will do. I don’t really think so, as I was not storing the full range of the Australian runs back then and hadn’t discovered the NAEFS or its connection to volcanology.


We will see.