The deeper things of god


God has indeed not finished working on creation. While I am holding back trying to get over some form of newwritis an affliction enhanced by too many chocolate éclairs late nights on the disputer and my own special allergies to volcanism/need for a new set of spectacles before I attempt to unfold the mysteries of the Polar Front someone posted about the anniversary of the Chilean earthquakes on sci.geo.earthquakes:

It started with the Northridge one. The bay of San Francisco looks like a giant vulva.

God must have designed it especially for Californians a species of gullible democrats that put up with incessant political corruption in lieu of looking after their environment properly.

I seem to need to unravel my knickers somewhat here. I got the impression Northridge/Reseda was south of San Francisco Bay and touching it, more or less but now it looks like Baja or the Sea of Cortez is the  seiche’s home. I will let you sort it out for yourselves:

2010-04-04 Baja California 7.2 Mw VII 2–4 100–233 $1.15 billion

Winki doesn’t seem to have much to say about that maybe the people there are the wrong colour?

This is where the Japanese megaquake originated:

Mutsu Bay You can look up Bio Bio and the various other super-quakes to get a picture of the extremes for yourself. I don’t like Google’s format it stinks of Microsoft/Flash Player. Losers seem to be taking over the Internet for the sake of secret services spying on us. Fuck them all to hell!

I had a craving for some chocolates. Now I am bored with this.

Derecho/ Volcano/Earthquake

It isn’t very often that we get a large series of tornadoes followed by large VEI volcanic eruptions followed by a large earthquake. But I think that god is telling us to wake up. maybe like Judas, Jesus needs me to work faster.

I hope I don’t end up with depression following this. If someone finds me hanging it was an accident or murder. I have no intention of killing myself . Ever! Certainly not in such an interesting period.

6.2M. 39km S of Namatanai, PNG 2017-05-15 at 13:22.
5.6M. 67km SE of Inarajan, Guam. 2017-05-16 at 03:56.
14 1/2 hours. Is that fundamental for a solid wind to blow?

At the time of writing it is over 86 hours since the last gale force sized earthquake:

4.9M. 143km WNW of Arawa, Papua New Guinea 2017-05-19 18:14

If weather has averages does symmetry equal volcanoes?

Weather Bureau chief Francis W. Reichelderfer, who detested Krick as a “smug, supremely self-confident self-promoter”. Wouldn’t someone making outrageous predictions come across as someone you would be extremely jealous of?
Would for example such people come across the way that some of yo think I do?
Fair play, in my case, if you think I am an arsehole you are absolutely right. I have made some fatuous attempts at being nice but it never lasts long. Take for instance my relationship with god. I know it would have uspset any number of the experts on here if they hadn’t already had me killfiled. I am a little upset and while I do acknowledge a level of smugness I assure you I have trepidation in making claims such as the one I am going to make just now; all the more so because I have not yet had time to give it much thought. I only got up half an hour ago after catching up on zeds. Consequently I have only just seen it.

Which brings me to my religion:

If the original Israeli government (the Hebrews or sons of Abraham of the bible) had written in their constitution that any soldier could excuse himself from the front line if he felt afraid of the consequences of a coming battle: Deuteronomy 20:8:

Then the officers shall add, “Is anyone afraid or fainthearted? Let him go home so that his fellow soldiers will not become disheartened too.”

It allowed for the future development of apostasy and gave conscientious objectors a remedy that less careful soldiers might not be considering. So it is for those who absent themselves from my words. I don’t blame anyone for finding better things to do. For those few, those happy few, that listen to and consider my efforts carefully I say you can stay and welcome.

Something interesting is happening in the next few days. I am expecting a large volcanic eruption to occur. It looks to be on the Aleutian chain but I may be wrong. It look like being followed by a large earthquake too. Maybe it will just be a VEI-4 followed by a magnitude 6 to 6.9. earthquake.

I have trepidation because of the volcanoes not because I doubt my faith. This part of the cycle is still very much a learning curve for me. A lot depends on the tornado spell hitting the USA at the moment. If the series blows itself out in time (20th May 2017) we are going to get a large earthquake possibly in Iceland and that may awaken a large eruption there.


I am referring to the line of lows running NE at the top of these NA-EFS charts.

There is also this striking anomaly form Hawaii. Initially something south of the Aleutians is pointing north east:


I have no idea why this bloody thing is running backwards. I converted it to .jpg and it decided to arrange itself that way. I really don’t feel up to sorting it our right now.

I am going to have  break once I get the interesting one done:


Damn thing!

Anyway you can see all the more clearly due to the error that the imposing cyclone flattens the circular one in the centre of the N Pacific. This all takes place over the coming week but bear in mind that large geo-phenomena tend to shake everything up as well as settle it all back down again.

The trick is to approach god with your problems asking for absolution in person and for further guidance as a and when.

Julian Madden

I have never been a fan of cycles once I realised the cause of weather was not climatological. The problem with the El Niño Southern Oscillation  situation for example is that it relies on statistics composed of actual data.

This in turn leads to the belief that a clock is statistically absolutely accurate two times a day when stopped but one that gains or loses a fraction of a second every week is never accurate. This may be so but the statically accurate one is not reliable and the inaccurate one will get you to work on time every day.

I don’t know why I have got the name for this oscillation the wrong way around but i see no reason to correct the error. If you want to know more about the phenomena look up “Madden Julian”.

The useful thing about cycles is that they give you an idea of what to look for and some suggestions about predictability. Nothing more but then, little more is required than that.

What is missing it an appreciation of unpredictability such as you would learn from studying weather singularities:

At 00:00 the weather is substantially the same as the weather at 06:00 and at that it is not dramatically different from 03:00 and 09:00. From those time differentials you need to be able to gauge the increments of a few minutes here and there.

The crisis point comes at half past the hour but there is a peak performance as t 20 past and 20 to the hour that gives you a boost. From there you have to be aware what the next spell is likely to present and this is especially where the various climatic cycles come into their own.

We are in a volcanic period at present. It will eventually blow over and another cycle replace it. I am not a fan of Wikipedia any more but for socially accepted memes it does its job. (Just don’t try to think outside the box with them.)

Using the above time frame can you use the clock to create short-cuts to guesses about the lunar phase and the weather?

Yes, you can in fact produce an hexagon for the various likelihoods. They won’t be very accurate and certainly won’t be repetitively obvious. In the same way that you can not use a plain calendar to predict weather. Such almanacs have to be compiled with the experience of pratice and time. And even then local conditions apply.

gfs.npac.horiz.winds.sfc.2017051800.000There is a bulge on the sea level charts that indicate bulges in the ocean beneath that is produced by tidal surges from earthquakes:
gfs.npac.horiz.winds.sfc.2017051800.006*This is of course only my opinion but it is a good one if it is right.

gfs.npac.horiz.winds.sfc.2017051800.012*Besides, it gives us some idea of fluid flow if true. Notice for example what happens to the twin eyed cyclone.

gfs.npac.horiz.winds.sfc.2017051800.018*I am also presuming that the lighter shades are the places of most intensity. Presumably a method of transferring energy form one side of the ocean to another.


gfs.npac.horiz.winds.sfc.2017051800.024*In which case, it may be possible to see a similar transferece of seismic energy from one side to the other. Furthermore there may also be a lateral component to the shift as with the latitude of transport of weather.

gfs.npac.horiz.winds.sfc.2017051800.030*This would explain in some way why tropical storms run through recent epicentres and sub-tropical storms arrive with the earthquake and extra-tropical cold core storms are spent.

gfs.npac.horiz.winds.sfc.2017051800.036*This would explain the subsequent rarity of Atlantic earthquakes in Britain.

gfs.npac.horiz.winds.sfc.2017051800.042*However, we are now stuck with the seismic activity in the Mediterranean and Alaska also all down the Pacific coast.

gfs.npac.horiz.winds.sfc.2017051800.048*Obviously the Pacific is large enough to rebuild spent energy reserves.

gfs.npac.horiz.winds.sfc.2017051800.054*Just an idea but pay attention to the side of the twin cyclone that holds the most energy. Is there collusion where there is a lack of collision. Or does the balance submit more to my wishful thinking than to actual mechanics.?

gfs.npac.horiz.winds.sfc.2017051800.060*I wonder where Bogoslov and Cleveland are on here.