“Well hot [salt]!”: Ocean Power

Source: “Well hot [salt]!”: Ocean Power

Congratulations for being on the ball. It took me years to realise the importance of the temperature gradients caused by rainfall on the oceans to the continuum.


The Song of the Earth

The earth speaks to us in a phenomenon called polar points. The code is that the arrangements either line up like Morse or combine at angles similar to Braille.

Either way it is very simple stuff, pointing towards storm centres or leading off from volcano chambers. It is a lot easier to read than the damned EFS charts for one thing. A bit like nomenclature in Egyptian Hierography

For look! darkness will cover the earth And thick gloom the nations; But …

For look! darkness will cover the earth And thick gloom the nations; But on you Jehovah will shine, And on you his glory will be seen. (Isaiah 60:2) Who has ever …

I was looking for the story of Moses going to the volcanic mountain and the cloud that swaddled it being said to indicate the presence of god. But that one will do fine for now.


3 June 2017.6
the sunniest day from tonight’s run is on June the 6th.
3 June 2017.9
Notice the cold front on the 9th. This is a perfect time to observe the sky and the behaviour of birds. Initially they will be perched to observe an approaching front and then they will get more excited. Their sequence is louder songbirds with the crow family cawing last.