I could not understand what the secret services of the combined operations of the British, Canadian and US wanted to do in the North Atlantic:


It appears that they may have been aiming at Iceland all along.


I don’t know and I may be wrong in what I have noticed. I haven’t even looked at the news reports from Britain to see what has been reported on this phenomeneon so far.

I just wasn’t interested. It seemed that their playing with fire was just new agencies taking over from the rapidly failing CIA. But along with revelations about how communist countries have been operating and the degrees of subterfuge and miscalculating that has been revealed recently…

And the colossal degree of blindness of the Americans in the Democrat party…

I am guessing that the operations to heat first: all of Canada and the North Atlantic as fas as Europe and the Baltic

Then the tip of Southern Greenland and the North Sea as far as Ireland and Northern Scotland

Has been a chain of events leading to the huge cyclonic storm set up over Iceland.

But why?

What does the axis of forces on the Red coast of North America and Britain hope to gain?

I can only guess, they are instituting an enormous volcanic eruption.

Such a blast, if it can be controlled for long enough (and I think that it is inevitable in the next few days) would prevent a lot of flights over the polar route. Evidence will have to come from circumstantial sources when it happens, because the enemies of both god and man will be concentrating on the western route but also working to close the Alaskan borders too.

The energy budget to do such things will be immense and they have worked hard to get this western phase to fruition but now there must be an increase on the Pacific heating. I am guessing that the energy supply will have consumed the nuclear output of two or more submarines. I suspect that the naval sources were initially American and maybe NATO led at first but to close the circuit they may be looking to get help from Russian and Chinese allies.


There has to be a weakness in the chain of command in such an alliance.

Plus the use of nuclear submarines will have left a strong signal that is possible to read backwards to their bases and maybe lead to their destruction.  A nuclear submarine can be destroyed relatively safely with long term effects but little initial problems that make it difficult to instigate.