Met Office and Climate gate charts for the North Atlantic 16 February 2014

Met Office and Climate gate charts for the North Atlantic 16 February 2014

You can’t see it here very clearly because the southern (Azores) High is off the chart. The Greenland High is clear enough. And the stream of Low running between them is almost too much for clarity.

The Azores High of course is coming down from the tropopause it is the opposite effct to the Icelandic Low which is lifting from the sea surface.

The ones that rotate the other way around either go out of existence into the sea or become seismic waves or volcanic resonances/ eruptions.

Or they may become upper atmosphere events such as SuddenStratospheric Warmings.

Can you see what it is NOW?


16 February 2014 BoM charts

16 February 2014 BoM charts

When a significalnt amount ofprecipitation occurs in a system off Antarctica and it fails to land on the coast but apparently disipate whilst still at sea, it indicates either a severe tornado spell or a volcanic eruption. Or both.

It is unusual for both to occur together and I feel that the tornados cell will occur first. Following that we seem to be sue for some WEI numbered volcanic activity and severe or Ctaegory 3 to 5 tropical storms.

I have no idea what sort of eruption we are due for but of course we are in a severe spell for one -or more.
So hang on to you hat.


16 February NAEFS charts

16 February NAEFS charts

At last this run is capable of showing the evolution of some volcanic erutions. It comes late in this spell though as soem other phenomenon or phenomena is to occur before that.

I tried to place the Bom Model on the same animation but I am nt capable of setting it up correctly.

The sequence of Lows in a row occurs with the chart for the 20th but almost immediately things go haywire as the set-up grows into a twist of lLows and Highs none of them in a row.

What this is going to mean is beyond my experience so far. I have seen it before of course but my mind set was not open to appreciation then.

Let’s hope fatalities are not insufferable this time.