What if it’s true?

I just read this in a novel:

"The nurse was speaking to the man across the way, talking loudly, like she was making an announcement."Mr Rosenberg, you have a broken hip. Your daughter is on her way. Do you know where you are?"

Of course I know where I am , I'm at the movies, this is all a movie" he said. "I wish it were. I'm at the home, the home where I live, or should I say where they put me -waiting to die. Cold storage, that's where I am. I may be old but I'm not senile."

"You're in the hospital, Mr Rosenberg. You fell and they brought you here. Do you know who the president is Mr Rosenberg?"

"What does it matter? They're all thieves."

And so say all of us. …

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Things Happen

In any system things either flow freely in a sharply defined cohesive stream (Streamlined). Or have a more disjointed, "layered" flow (Laminar). Until the flow becomes a vortex, a "unit", odd things happen and the fluid must be regarded as series of individual events all suffering a series of knocked-on effects fromunconnected, previous, individual coincidences. …

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