How to speak Volcan

Swarms and storms, satanic rings, things Jeff Bealzebub brings, steam and screams, lava streams building castles in the air.

Volcan looked that way. To me they are all different now, I see their songlines and know how the tunes they play each forking day and signalling the way they are pointing out to me. Pointing out The Day.

I hear the stones cry different now, their battle lines and with them snow, quakes and things continua brings as too, the tornado.

Sequence 1

The earth was formed for man to live in. Its blanket of firmament is as thick as 30 inches of mercury, yet was not just designed to to separate freezing rain from warm pleasant pastures but as a vehicle that allows flying creatures to cross continents, showing us the ways. It also houses the means for god to take advantage of our ability to command our environment. In this outer layer we can build our fires right up to the edge of nothingness.

In it, the gathering storms show us the way to steer to distant shores, even if we lack more practical guides such as compasses and charts.

Originally surmising that the upper layers were intended to be a cold layer, we had, by the late Renaissance learned that there was only a finite amount of usable sky. But like our sea, this sky was far too vast to be polluted until we had learned that the rivers could be polluted, even the tidal reaches of them, bathed with 10 to 30 feet of water twice a day.

And by the late Nineteenth Century we began to have a gleaming idea there is some limit to infinity, for which we can thank Benjamin Franklin and Mark Twain as well as the earlier philosophers from Newton to Du Châtelet. But even by the time of that most gifted scientist: FitzRoy, we were still of the opinion that all air masses formed the same vortices and we named their eyes Meteors.

Today the understanding has given way to different connotations but up to the present there was no man who could give a concise understanding of what was going on in Meteorology. It is really quite a simple menu (or recipe or as I came to use the saying: “Spell“.) Whether or not these words are true, I can only say suck it and see, they seem to work for me within the limits that the mathematical equations necessary for science to look at them is beyond my ability. I am dyscalculiac and these day too, suffer with dyslexia, due to a stroke.

Sequence 2

The sword of god can be seen in the Indian/Pacific Ocean. For want of a better name I have called it a scimitar but it looks more like the weapon Sampson used, I presume his was an actual jaw from an ass but it also resembles a Kukri or, rather 3 Kukri; swords with teeth that spin like a Bolas eternally.

Another blade is seen along the coast of South America, there is a three bladed Manx Swastika flashing the live long day with its centre in Indonesia. There is a less visible line somewhere along the extremity for the tips of these Jehovah-Swords, roughly thirty degrees South which cuts along the Southern Ocean.

This is the best place to start describing beginning of the circle; the reel of the angels, god’s guardian message that stood over the entrance to Eden.


At the tip of the three southern continents, from time to time, appear the earthquakes that control the seiche that sets in motion the subterranean tides that establish the Ocean Conveyor

When a suitably sized earthquake strikes in the southern ocean (the usual size is from 5.5M. to 6M. but I don’t know the limits of the requirements) the places normally “hit” are south east of the tips of: South America, Africa and Australia. At the time of writing, the present spell has hit the Indian Ocean thus we will find recent records of such a quake off Madagascar.

M 5.4 – Southwest Indian Ridge 8 February 2019 03:11 (UTC) 32.8°S 57.1°E

This quake gave birth to Tropical Storms Funani and Gelina

More recently there has been a rather insignificant quake M 4.7 – 145km SW of L’Esperance Rock, New Zealand. I believe this to have helped cause the Tropical Storm Neil, which will supply news of a severe eruption around the 12th/13th February 2019. If, as I suspect, it brings an eruption it will prove to be a first for me and likely to lead to the art of volcano chasing. discusses the refraction inside an object inside a field, in this case a grape in a microwave. I considered that if the same thought was applied to the force composed of the sound of the atmosphere of a planet then at some stage a chasm in a mountain on the side of that planet could be induced to resonance.

Extending that idea; I considered that the various series of simultaneous eruptions would be explained by the harmonics shared and even amplified between different volcanoes on the same harmonic

And now to find out if this new format is worth persevering with

Time2019-02-06 03:54:22 (UTC)Location32.378°S 179.961°W

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