Continued Continuum

If you are watching this shit:

You are being misled. This is still satans pot of dirt, for him and his friends to play with.

This stuff isn’t telling you much either:

Even if you are searching your bible for the answers you may not get everything available. For too many years we have resolved our problems in the ways we want them solved. Without an interface to get the truth directly from god himself, we will be made fearful and thus miss the mark. What we have to do is be prepared to make all the changes that the Christ is holding out for us. We are being offered protective clothing if you are not seeing it, MAKE YOUR DEMANDS HEARD.

Get washed and dressed. You will know what you have to do as an angel, or at least some sort of messenger, will be telling you how to get started.

Now for me, it is back to the same old same old; stuff I have been telling you for years. There was a ringing sound for about a week, that was just like the old stuff. It ended more or less on or, very near, the date of the eruption I told you  to expect. The eruption came with a cold spell, this is a common phenomena with eruptions, as you know if you have been paying attention.

Meanwhile the Nullschool sea-surface pressures have been showing continuous oddities:N

N1NSo occasionally, a tropical storm crosses the Mid Atlantic Ridge into the Icelandic Low. How often does it become a Greenland High or an Acrtic cyclone?AA

It shouldn’t happen at all, nor in the Pacific side of things where from time to time something new under the sun has been taking place for the last 15 decades.


The Continuum

IMPORTANT: Remember that many of the below were developed mainly using data for the latter half of the 19th, and first half of the 20th centuries. The climate has undoubtedly changed, whatever the reason! Use these with much caution.

This is the half arsed thinking that allowed Margarwetched Thatcher to promote a pile of deplorables into positions for flowerpots in the University of East Anglia. I wonder what services they have also had to support the Crown in. Disgusting positions, I have no doubt.

1. C.E.P. Brooks

(ref: 1946: “Annual recurrences of weather; ‘singularities’.”; Weather, London, 1. pp. 107-130)

Period studied: 1889 – 1940
Principal groupings:
(1) October to early February, stormy periods with minor anticyclonic interludes.
(2) February to May, cold waves associated with northeasterly winds.
(3) The summer period of alternating cool fresh northwesterly and warm, sultry southwesterly winds.
(4) September and early October, spells of anticyclonic conditions and late “summers”.

This was before the abuse of the term: “natural disasters”, once the dark lords allowed us to study Weather Control.

02 Tu 09:45 Last Quarter
02 Tu 13:03 Moon North Dec.: 21° N
04 Th 03:10 Moon Ascending Node

Volcanoes Today, 2 Oct 2018: Fuego volcano, Popocatépetl, Barren Island, Krakatau, Dukono, Kerinci, Reventador, Piton de la Fournaise. The Southern Hemisphere fills with ice below 40 Degrees South. The air in the Antarctic must be filled with ice crystals.

Listen to me, you islands,

And pay attention, you faraway nations. Jehovah has called me before I was born.*+

From the time I was in my mother’s womb he has made mention of my name.

 He made my mouth like a sharp sword;

He has hidden me in the shadow of his hand.+

He made me a polished arrow;

He concealed me in his quiver.

 He said to me: “You are my servant, O Israel,+

Through whom I will show my splendor.”+

 But I said: “I have toiled for nothing.

I used up my strength for an unreality, in vain.

But surely my judgment is with Jehovah,*

And my wages* with my God.”+

 And now Jehovah, the One who formed me from the womb as his servant,

Has said for me to bring Jacob back to him,

So that Israel may be gathered to him.+

I will be glorified in the eyes of Jehovah,

And my God will have become my strength.

 And he said: “It is not enough that you are my servant

To raise up the tribes of Jacob

And to bring back those who were preserved of Israel.

I have also given you as a light of nations,+

So that my salvation may reach the ends of the earth.”+

This is what Jehovah, the Repurchaser of Israel, his Holy One,+ says to the one who is despised,*+ to the one who is detested by the nation, to the servant of rulers:

“Kings will see and rise up,

And princes will bow down

Because of Jehovah, who is faithful,+

The Holy One of Israel, who has chosen you.”+

 This is what Jehovah says:

“In a time of favor* I answered you,+

And in a day of salvation I helped you;+

I kept safeguarding you to give you as a covenant for the people,+

To rehabilitate the land,

To cause them to possess their desolate inheritances,+

 To say to the prisoners, ‘Come out!’+

And to those in the darkness,+ ‘Show yourselves!’

By the roadways they will feed,

Along all the worn paths* will be their pastures.

10 They will not go hungry, nor will they thirst,+

Nor will scorching heat or the sun beat down on them.+

For the One who has mercy on them will lead them,+

And he will guide them by the springs of water.+

11 I will make all my mountains into a road,

And my highways will be raised up.+

12 Look! These are coming from far away,+

And look! these from the north and from the west,

And these from the land of Siʹnim.”+

13 Shout for joy, you heavens, and rejoice, you earth.+

Let the mountains become cheerful with a joyful cry.+

For Jehovah has comforted his people,+

And he shows mercy to his own afflicted ones.+

14 But Zion kept saying:

“Jehovah has abandoned me,+ and Jehovah has forgotten me.”+

15 Can a woman forget her nursing child

Or have no compassion for the son of her womb?

Even if these women forget, I would never forget you.+

16 Look! On my palms I have engraved you.

Your walls are always before me.

17 Your sons hurry back.

Those who tore you down and devastated you will depart from you.

18 Raise your eyes and look all around.

They are all gathering together.+

They are coming to you.

“As surely as I am living,” declares Jehovah,

“You will clothe yourself with all of them as with ornaments,

And you will fasten them on yourself as a bride does.

19 Although your places were devastated and desolate and your land was in ruins,+

Now it will become too cramped for those dwelling there,+

And those who swallowed you down+ will be far away.+

20 The sons born when you were bereaved will say in your hearing,

‘This place is too cramped for me.

Make room for me to dwell here.’+

21 And you will say in your heart,

‘Who has fathered these for me,

Since I am a woman bereaved of children and barren,

Exiled and taken prisoner?

Who has raised these?+

Look! I was left all alone,+

So where have these come from?’”+

22 This is what the Sovereign Lord Jehovah says:

“Look! I will raise up my hand to the nations,

And I will lift up my signal* to the peoples.+

They will bring your sons in their arms*

And carry your daughters on their shoulders.+

23 Kings will become caretakers for you,+

And their princesses will be your nurses.

They will bow down to you with their faces to the ground+

And lick the dust of your feet,+

And you will have to know that I am Jehovah;

Those hoping in me will not be put to shame.”+

24 Can those already captured be taken from a mighty man,

Or can the captives of the tyrant be rescued?

25 But this is what Jehovah says:

“Even the captives of a mighty man will be taken away,+

And those captured by the tyrant will be rescued.+

I will oppose those who oppose you,+

And I will save your own sons.

26 I will make those who mistreat you eat their own flesh,

And as with sweet wine, they will become drunk with their own blood.

And all people* will have to know that I am Jehovah,+

Your Savior+ and your Repurchaser,+

The Powerful One of Jacob.”

Leg Cramp

Assuming I am not a liar and that I don’t have a reason to lie nor do I care to lie, there is no reason for anyone to believe me either. Moeover there is no way for me to prove it but:

I suffer from Leg cramps. I believe this is due to gout related illness and when the cramps occur it bears some relationship to earthquakes at some angle along the Southern Hemisphere, in my case the region off the Atlantic somewhere along the Falklands. I drink a mixture of alcohol and cod liver oil. But I presume any number of natural edible oils, including butter, may be helpful.

time latitude longitude place mag magType
2018-09-30T02:35:41.800Z -10.8299 166.008 22km ESE of Lata, Solomon Islands 4.5 mb
2018-09-29T23:21:24.320Z 20.3114 -65.6141 209km N of Loiza, Puerto Rico 4.5 mb
2018-09-29T17:53:26.710Z 5.0805 127.081 173km SE of Pondaguitan, Philippines 4.5 mb
2018-09-29T09:25:54.900Z 42.7577 141.9477 25km ESE of Chitose, Japan 4.5 mb
2018-09-28T22:17:50.680Z -1.7787 120.2473 58km NW of Pendolo, Indonesia 4.5 mb
2018-09-28T02:44:09.250Z -44.5147 -80.2406 Off the coast of Aisen, Chile 4.5 mb
2018-09-27T23:36:51.500Z -7.4532 128.5127 Kepulauan Barat Daya, Indonesia 4.5 mb
2018-09-26T19:22:43.630Z 45.0342 149.112 99km ESE of Kuril’sk, Russia 4.5 mb
2018-09-26T15:42:55.000Z -21.5088 -68.4375 117km NNE of Calama, Chile 4.5 mwr
2018-09-26T10:21:05.220Z -21.0605 -68.8356 156km N of Calama, Chile 4.5 mb
2018-09-25T16:06:02.630Z 13.1469 -81.1415 34km SE of Mountain, Colombia 4.5 mb
2018-09-25T04:12:03.320Z 9.879 126.2929 18km NE of General Luna, Philippines 4.5 mb
2018-09-24T17:53:41.030Z -6.0966 107.0202 15km NNE of Bekasi, Indonesia 4.5 mb
2018-09-23T22:06:53.330Z -16.647 -173.7924 77km S of Hihifo, Tonga 4.5 mb
2018-09-30T15:01:27.080Z -1.2767 120.1725 54km SE of Palu, Indonesia 4.6 mb
2018-09-28T17:05:45.640Z -1.4274 120.1868 52km W of Kasiguncu, Indonesia 4.6 mb
2018-09-28T16:47:26.550Z -5.6511 152.0145 146km S of Kokopo, Papua New Guinea 4.6 mb
2018-09-28T09:20:38.950Z 0.8729 97.0153 191km SSE of Sinabang, Indonesia 4.6 mb
2018-09-27T11:45:54.220Z 26.9354 129.5048 156km ENE of Nago, Japan 4.6 mb
2018-09-26T14:18:54.440Z 17.7583 -61.5262 33km ENE of Codrington, Barbuda 4.6 mb
2018-09-25T17:50:33.390Z -22.9031 -179.4098 260km SSW of Ndoi Island, Fiji 4.6 mb
2018-09-24T13:23:38.540Z -3.7978 139.3996 184km SW of Abepura, Indonesia 4.6 mb
2018-09-30T13:23:27.610Z 28.9185 57.508 79km ESE of Kuh Sefid, Iran 4.7 mb
2018-09-30T09:42:22.360Z -28.5858 -178.1393 79km NNW of Raoul Island, New Zealand 4.7 mb
2018-09-29T05:38:51.080Z -18.371 -69.3333 30km SE of Putre, Chile 4.7 mb
2018-09-28T14:10:08.320Z -0.0885 119.7603 89km N of Palu, Indonesia 4.7 mb
2018-09-28T12:39:34.280Z -1.1164 120.2294 47km ESE of Palu, Indonesia 4.7 mb
2018-09-28T12:05:04.170Z -0.4545 120.0904 54km NNE of Palu, Indonesia 4.7 mb
2018-09-28T01:06:15.690Z 53.054 160.6351 133km E of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, Russia 4.7 mb
2018-09-27T04:43:39.080Z 10.4689 126.082 49km N of Santa Monica, Philippines 4.7 mb
2018-09-27T02:37:00.790Z -17.8506 168.4783 21km SE of Port-Vila, Vanuatu 4.7 mb
2018-09-26T07:50:46.780Z 44.2491 83.6665 94km W of Dushanzi, China 4.7 mb
2018-09-26T01:08:08.600Z 8.2408 126.9195 54km E of Barcelona, Philippines 4.7 mb
2018-09-25T21:16:51.470Z -4.8786 102.9717 89km W of Kuripan, Indonesia 4.7 mb
2018-09-25T15:37:15.320Z 13.1627 -81.1588 31km SE of Mountain, Colombia 4.7 mb
2018-09-24T14:25:20.650Z 25.071 125.781 58km ENE of Hirara, Japan 4.7 mb
2018-09-30T14:38:42.510Z -1.2875 120.182 54km WNW of Kasiguncu, Indonesia 4.8 mb
2018-09-29T06:36:12.650Z -1.2664 120.6793 16km NNW of Poso, Indonesia 4.8 mb
2018-09-29T04:40:34.590Z 47.1076 152.6866 Kuril Islands 4.8 mb
2018-09-28T13:10:26.770Z -0.0361 119.8019 94km N of Palu, Indonesia 4.8 mb
2018-09-28T09:57:38.080Z -0.2621 119.938 70km N of Palu, Indonesia 4.8 mb
2018-09-27T22:00:21.110Z -11.3478 -76.7084 55km N of Santa Eulalia, Peru 4.8 mb
2018-09-27T10:32:15.730Z 47.6379 154.0183 Kuril Islands 4.8 mb
2018-09-27T05:55:09.890Z 51.4913 -178.4338 48km SSW of Tanaga Volcano, Alaska 4.8 mb
2018-09-26T21:53:15.500Z -17.811 -178.1655 Fiji region 4.8 mb
2018-09-25T09:20:58.440Z -18.6694 65.1637 215km ENE of Port Mathurin, Mauritius 4.8 mb
2018-09-25T03:31:01.100Z 38.7348 142.2314 58km SE of Ofunato, Japan 4.8 mb
2018-09-25T02:16:35.850Z 10.3338 126.225 38km NNE of San Isidro, Philippines 4.8 mb
2018-09-24T23:50:29.720Z -24.3626 -175.4491 South of Tonga 4.8 mb
2018-09-24T00:39:55.500Z 11.1766 -86.8503 76km SSW of Masachapa, Nicaragua 4.8 mwr
2018-09-30T13:15:57.220Z 35.0578 26.2663 15km S of Palaikastron, Greece 4.9 mb
2018-09-29T02:32:50.860Z -1.5727 120.0516 69km WSW of Kasiguncu, Indonesia 4.9 mb
2018-09-28T15:28:13.350Z -0.6983 119.9347 22km NNE of Palu, Indonesia 4.9 mb
2018-09-28T07:28:37.550Z -0.3785 119.926 57km N of Palu, Indonesia 4.9 mb
2018-09-28T07:19:47.750Z 54.5399 161.4422 199km SSW of Ust’-Kamchatsk Staryy, Russia 4.9 mb
2018-09-28T05:56:10.310Z -26.5635 67.614 Indian Ocean Triple Junction 4.9 mb
2018-09-27T16:23:20.600Z -22.5499 170.1635 194km W of Ile Hunter, New Caledonia 4.9 mb
2018-09-27T07:53:01.860Z -58.3979 -25.2045 103km NE of Bristol Island, South Sandwich Islands 4.9 mb
2018-09-26T00:51:11.550Z -15.2137 167.4312 44km ESE of Port-Olry, Vanuatu 4.9 mb
2018-09-25T18:29:47.320Z -5.5857 142.1148 108km ENE of Kiunga, Papua New Guinea 4.9 mb
2018-09-24T07:51:04.850Z -15.7491 -175.3438 172km W of Hihifo, Tonga 4.9 mb
2018-09-23T19:54:31.530Z -17.6329 -179.8051 159km SSE of Lambasa, Fiji 4.9 mb
2018-09-30T08:54:04.770Z 42.5574 142.0905 33km NW of Shizunai, Japan 5 mww
2018-09-28T21:24:01.560Z -1.584 120.1806 55km WSW of Kasiguncu, Indonesia 5 mww
2018-09-28T15:35:42.250Z -1.2892 119.7498 45km SSW of Palu, Indonesia 5 mb
2018-09-28T08:24:58.480Z -0.3423 119.8708 60km N of Palu, Indonesia 5 mb
2018-09-27T04:44:31.260Z 10.4112 126.1873 45km NNE of San Isidro, Philippines 5 mb
2018-09-26T21:36:42.480Z -34.9665 -107.9777 Southern East Pacific Rise 5 mb
2018-09-26T17:33:35.650Z -34.9437 -107.6517 Southern East Pacific Rise 5 mb
2018-09-26T09:27:41.090Z -0.7365 133.3292 85km W of Manokwari, Indonesia 5 mww
2018-09-25T19:41:31.210Z -33.1181 -179.1733 188km S of L’Esperance Rock, New Zealand 5 mb
2018-09-24T03:42:22.110Z -6.3004 145.7865 8km W of Kainantu, Papua New Guinea 5 mb
2018-09-23T19:06:29.820Z -21.12 -68.8285 149km N of Calama, Chile 5 mb
2018-09-29T18:34:45.270Z -15.6917 168.1118 88km ENE of Norsup, Vanuatu 5.1 mb
2018-09-29T10:30:18.480Z -1.4535 120.2112 49km W of Kasiguncu, Indonesia 5.1 mww
2018-09-29T07:40:11.760Z -1.504 120.1773 53km W of Kasiguncu, Indonesia 5.1 mb
2018-09-28T12:27:33.240Z -0.4638 119.9147 47km N of Palu, Indonesia 5.1 mb
2018-09-28T10:47:44.560Z -0.5107 119.8708 42km N of Palu, Indonesia 5.1 mb
2018-09-27T21:13:19.690Z 34.1968 80.7091 131km NE of Rutog, China 5.1 mb
2018-09-27T05:29:00.750Z -6.9032 131.1429 117km N of Saumlaki, Indonesia 5.1 mb
2018-09-26T17:51:41.360Z 4.5421 97.8121 19km WNW of Langsa, Indonesia 5.1 mww
2018-09-25T08:53:39.920Z 48.1512 155.0126 292km SSW of Severo-Kuril’sk, Russia 5.1 mb
2018-09-28T14:26:00.830Z 0.0224 119.5758 106km NNW of Palu, Indonesia 5.2 mb
2018-09-28T13:39:44.310Z -1.4049 119.9675 57km S of Palu, Indonesia 5.2 mb
2018-09-28T11:06:51.150Z -1.4933 120.0254 68km SSE of Palu, Indonesia 5.2 mb
2018-09-27T15:53:32.790Z -5.9279 154.7531 91km WNW of Panguna, Papua New Guinea 5.2 mww
2018-09-27T10:21:49.770Z 36.7747 21.3897 28km W of Methoni, Greece 5.2 mb
2018-09-25T22:56:47.370Z -15.3832 -74.9536 25km SE of Minas de Marcona, Peru 5.2 mww
2018-09-28T12:32:44.900Z 15.0849 -60.4467 67km ENE of Sainte-Marie, Martinique 5.4 mb
2018-09-28T10:39:03.050Z -0.6736 119.8905 24km N of Palu, Indonesia 5.4 mb
2018-09-28T07:03:18.440Z -0.2058 120.0127 77km NNE of Palu, Indonesia 5.4 mb
2018-09-24T17:13:10.610Z -60.6106 -25.5862 183km SSE of Bristol Island, South Sandwich Islands 5.4 mb
2018-09-28T06:21:54.840Z -26.5159 67.599 Indian Ocean Triple Junction 5.5 mb
2018-09-27T22:25:43.970Z -18.1652 -178.2429 279km N of Ndoi Island, Fiji 5.5 mww
2018-09-28T07:06:40.070Z -26.4839 67.6203 Indian Ocean Triple Junction 5.6 mb
2018-09-28T13:35:30.360Z 0.0223 119.6733 103km NNW of Palu, Indonesia 5.7 mb
2018-09-28T10:50:25.150Z -0.7541 119.9473 17km NNE of Palu, Indonesia 5.7 mb
2018-09-28T10:16:49.140Z -0.8871 120.027 17km E of Palu, Indonesia 5.7 mb
2018-09-27T10:25:47.600Z -58.1943 -9.5822 East of the South Sandwich Islands 5.7 mww
2018-09-26T00:37:33.840Z -18.0647 -178.0437 294km NNE of Ndoi Island, Fiji 5.7 mww
2018-09-28T10:25:04.440Z -1.0625 119.9609 21km SSE of Palu, Indonesia 5.8 mb
2018-09-28T10:14:20.450Z 0.0023 119.7561 99km N of Palu, Indonesia 5.8 mb
2018-09-28T07:00:01.950Z -0.3976 119.7631 55km NNW of Palu, Indonesia 6.1 mww
2018-09-30T10:52:23.210Z -18.3722 -178.0949 260km NNE of Ndoi Island, Fiji 6.6 mww
2018-09-28T10:02:43.480Z -0.1781 119.8401 78km N of Palu, Indonesia 7.5 mww