Getting told off

Human nature works from the top down. It was designed like that by the creator. Women need men to shelter them, men need women to tell them how to behave. I recently got told off by an online contact because of my abusing scientists as a class of people.

They are thoroughly disreputable -if somewhat higher on the social scale than the amoeba we call journalists. None the less, perhaps she is right that I should moderate my descriptions of them as the total dumbfcks that they usually are.

She had asked me to send her the exact charts that made me think that there is going to be a large earthquake soon. I sent them and then told her that the cyclone centres shown in some of the charts merely indicated the relationship, not the location; that there was most likely an 80 degree arc between the epicentre and the cyclone centre and that there were two major cyclone centres (a signal of volcanic eruptions, not earthquakes.) One just north west of Ireland and one on the western edge of the centre of Norway.

I had just decribed in words, the line of the arc from Ireland. She told me to make a YouTube video as she couldn’t really understand me. None of this has anything to do with the following so I’ve snipped it all.

Here is what she said:

Saying what I said allows me bragging rights if it lands on the line. It could go to the line from Norway.
Yes. I need that to write a DVD. People are turned off by text these days. There is no time for it on the internet.

Anonymous User
Okay.. That will be then. Find a good cam and record yourself describing those daily charts.
But you would have to watch out your language though. Neither bad words nor insulting viewers at any way. Think, you can you do it?

Want a job?

Anonymous User
¿Qué será?
I won’t do your work though. Tell me please

I am most definitely getting an early night tonight. I am shattered and accomplishing nothing.

Anonymous User
Ahhh well say goodnight

OK. just checking my tabs.
OK goodnight sweetie

Anonymous User
Bye.. You know what


Anonymous User
You would have to change something.


Anonymous User
Your work is very good but I think you could ignore scientists instead of insulting them. Think of it.

I get annoyed too easily

Anonymous User
Denounce is a thing. Insulting is not denouncing.


Anonymous User

But byee

Anonymous User
I don’t like you when you lost your temper.. Okay bye. Talk with god about, okay?


Me and god fall out all the time. He always lets me back onboard though. But I am going to get a smack too far one day, I know it. Fuck!


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